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THEY NEED AN AUDIENCE - And that's where We can help!
You know your audience and what they need...
We have options to meet all of your people, where they are!!

Our Mini- Products

Like a eating fish sandwich, these products are impulse buys, your buyers will see nearly instant results with these.  They upsell into our membership.

You earn between $10 and $18 per sale, not including Upsells (40% commission).

Our $97/m Membership

This product offers the whole "meal" of all of our programs, in a membership format.

If you sell seats into our Traffic Makers Program you get $24/m recurring per sale for as long as they are a member (25% commission).

The Full Course

This is our highest price product, it is our full course experience along with a year of access to Makers our membership - you generally make $398 per sale (40% commission).

Note:  We reserve the right to boot you out at any time without paying you for any reason we see fit... so far with over 300 affiliates we've only had to do that once... see the full terms if you have Qs.

These are just SOME of the results we had with our previous promotions...
Let's talk math...
Commission Details
  • Proven Track Record: Affiliates earned over $500,000 in commissions so far.
  • Generous Commissions: You earn 40% of every sale of the Grow Your Audience Course - and 25% recurring revenue on Makers Membership purchases - generally paid out 45-60 days after the sale.
  • Community:  We have an Affiliates-Only Group to share ideas and tactics.
How we help you promote:
  • Live Chats with Your Peeps​- Value-packed, these chats convert!  Email us if you want a slot before or during registration week.
  • Email and Ad Swipe Copy​- Why remake the wheel if you don't have to?  Use our emails to promote and save time.
  • Low Pressure Sales Funnel -​You can refer them to free resources and get commissions if they convert to sales later.
  • And MOST Importantly... Your readers will gain experience in growing an audience.  Their transformation will be HUGE!
What are you selling??
This is an overview of our business model with the Grow Your Audience Course & the Traffic Makers Membership
Our Students Get Real Results!

Are you looking for a product to share with your community that makes a lasting difference in their businesses?

I am Rachel Miller, creator of numerous massive Facebook pages and also the instructor of a course that helps people build their audiences, and FAST, all with Facebook.

This course is not like most "ad-based" courses on Facebook.

We do run ads and teach students of this course how to create ads, but our focus is not conversions (at least initially) but rather growing the reach of our brands - growing an engaged base of raving fans for your content and products.

In the Grow Your Audience Course and in the Traffic Makers Coaching Program, we love to create HOT traffic that is ready for the products we sell!

I would LOVE to have you join me as an affiliate.

We have both Free and Member-Only Communities!
As an affiliate, you get credit for referring peeps to the free Facebook Group.  They join the group, after opting in with your link.  If they go to purchase later, you get credit.
We promise to nurture & love the leads you send our way!
Questions? Reach out!
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