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Do Facebook Ads Have You Totally Bumfuzzled?

What If You Had a Virtual Ad Coach Sorta Looking Over Your Shoulder Helping You Step-by-Step??

Introducing the

Ads Made Easy Playbook

(Oh, And It’s One That DOESN’T Require You To Hire 
An Expert Or Lose Your Shirt In The Process, SHWEET!)

The Ads Made Easy Playbook will help you Grow Your Audience & Sell Your Products and Programs


You just need an over-the-shoulder in-the-moment playbook!

It’s time to say 👋 “See ya!” 👋 to all the ridiculous info going around about running ads.

You know, like the idea that a person has to be (or hire) some kind of expert to run ads to grow their audience and scale their business.

Or that it takes tons of time and trial and error for ads to become profitable. 

SPOILER ALERT - that’s just plain malarky!

You can TOTALLY use paid ads to grow your audience - and sell your products and programs - EVEN IF you’ve never run an ad before!!

All you need is a bomb diggity system that helps you get ads up, running, AND profitable from Day 1!!
So instead of working in circles … 
Spending tons on testing …

And feeling lost inside Ads Manager ... 

What If It Was As Easy As ...

Step 1:
Take A Fast Quiz

You don't need to learn every ad type.  Take the quiz to find out which type of ad will work best for your biz. 

Saving You
All the money you’d have spent starting off with the wrong kind of ad.

Step 2:
Watch the 10min Video

Learn how to set up the perfect-for-you ad by watching me do it step-by-step on video.  We are with you each step of the way.

Saving You
The salary of a professional ads manager. Yowza!

Step 3:
Follow the Steps

It's simple.  Have Facebook track your traffic and conversions automatically? 
Yes please! 
Saving You
Time and energy because you no longer have to do it manually.

Step 4:
Do a 3 Second "Check"

Know your ad worked!  And THEN, funnel your traffic for maximum ad impact by saving custom audiences you can remarket to.
Saving You 
Time and money spent trying to find the right people.

Are Ads Driving You Crazy?!?!


✔️ The inside of Facebook Ads Manager makes me want to die a little inside. Why are there so many options? How can I tell if I’m doing it right? 

✔️ I’m not sure what’s going on with tracking. It’s literally like, “Awesomesauce! A sale! … now which ad did that come from, and how can I do that again?” 

✔️ Ad costs keep going up, and it’s totally stressing me out. How am I going to be able to keep up with the market if I can’t figure out how to get profitable fast?

✔️ Dog-nabbit! An ad disapproval! What did I do wrong - and NOW what do I do to fix it?

Skip The Learning Curve & Grow Your Audience With The 

Ads Made Easy Playbook

The Ads Made Easy Playbook is my over-the-shoulder, step-by-step guide that shows you EXACTLY how to create my set-and-forget ads system.
This system works like MAGIC in my own multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses.

I’ve grown audiences into the MILLIONS, and the information inside the Ads Made Easy Playbook reveals EXACTLY how I use Facebook ads to do it.

We’ll walk you through it all step-by-step so you can skip the brain overload of trying to learn it all solo. 
Once the system is in place, ad setup is fast - under 15 minutes. Brilliant!!! 
And all that time you need to show up with enthusiasm and serve, connect with, and inspire your audience? It’s YOURS again.

Here’s What’s Inside The Ads Playbook

The Ads "MatchMaker" Quiz

Find the perfect ad for your business.  There are so many ad types.  You don't need to use them all!!  Diagnose exactly the right ad you need to meet your goals so you don't need to learn ALL of the ad types.

Ads Made Easy Video Trainings 

Get instant access to the lesson you need to create the ad you need... be up and running in mere minutes!  AND you can still watch the other training videos if you want to!

5 Minute Pixel & Tracking Set-Up

YUP!!  No more confusion.  Get it set up once and use it forever!!  Leverage the power of the Facebook pixel so you can keep track of your traffic and conversions and maximize your ad performance. 

TO COPY: Audience Waterfall Strategy to Scale

Made one ad and now you want to make hundreds??  Without losing time/energy?  Want even better results? Learn how to build custom audiences so you can bump up future ad performance

Well, You Could … 

Keep DIY’ing

Because it’s super fun throwing ad spend to the wind as you try to pick which type of ad to run, who to send it to, and what to say to get it to generate sales. NOT.

Hire An Expert

… but how do you know if they know what they’re doing? And it’s so hard saying goodbye to money that could be spent on the ads themselves.

Ditch Ads Forever

Throw in the towel! Raise the white flag! Then watch as your growth slows to a crawl unless you majorly step up your organic game … goodbye, free time.

Ummm, Yeah … No Thanks Rachel.
Like Literally, There’s A Better Way!

Hi there, I’m Rachel Miller!

I’ve been where you are - frustrated and confused by the whole ads process.

I wasted so freakin’ much time trying to figure it all out!  And EVEN spent $26,000 on an "ads expert" only to have VERY low sales (talk about feeling frustrated!!)

It’s easy to get SO busy tackling all of the tasks of your business just trying to keep up. 
It’s a Catch-22 situation.

You have killer products and programs that change people’s lives. 
But they don’t do much good unless you can find the people whose lives you can change, right?! 
So you run around posting organically and trying to figure out ads, and boy is THAT not easy! 
Meanwhile, you’re stealing time away from serving your clients and students … and when the heck do you find time to create?
Holy moly! It’s frustrating enough to almost forget why you got started in the first place!

Been there, done that. 

And then I figured out Facebook Ads.

I knew if I could learn Facebook ads, I could grow my audience faster and have an even bigger impact. 
And hot-diggity-dog, that’s EXACTLY what happened! I cracked the code and built a step-by-step system to create ads that WORK from day one.
Now I could grow my audience organically AND with ads and get back to focusing on people! 

Regular Price $90

With The Ads Made Easy Playbook, Get Ready 
To Happy Dance Your Heart Out As You

😃 Hit publish on your next ad feeling excited and eager (instead of stressed and overwhelmed) because you know it will mean SALES! Yee-haw!

😃 Stop worrying about wasting money on ads because you’ll KNOW you’ve got the right ones firing 

😃 Get back to engaging and connecting with your existing audience and all the new people who start pouring in

😃 Foolproof your ads and avoid the stress and frustration of having an ad rejected

😃 Watch your audience grow without feeling like you’re waving goodbye to all your cash

Could you get the same results WITHOUT the Ads Playbook? Maybe, but you’d probably have to … 

✔️ Hire a professional ads manager. There’s a lot of good ones (and some not-so-good-ones) out there. Just get ready to part with thousands of your hard-earned bucks every month. Dang it!

✔️ Watch a bajillion hours of YouTube tutorials from “experts” you’ve probably never heard of trying to figure it out yourself. Say goodbye to having more time to spend serving your audience and creating products and programs that change their lives.

✔️ Trial and error things until you stumble on something that works. Might as well just flush that ad budget, because that’s just crazy town!

OR Spend Just $27 On Ads Made Easy

And Get My Proven Ads playbook

Regular Price $90

Why Me??

I am Rachel Miller, creator of MOOLAH & a half dozen profitable online businesses (from ecom to info-products).

Someone once told me (a world-class ads manager) that people need "experts" to run their ads... and on the inside I laughed. 

Using the system I will show you, I have trained 13 year olds who had never made a social post in their life, how to create profitable ads... I have taught grandma's who think they are allergic to "all things tech" how to use ads effectively - and from them make 2 or 20 sales - in a week (and even 2,000!!)

And these are tactics that I use too!!  I run multiple profitable businesses.

I’ve done all the trial and error with FB ads so you don’t have to! I know what works and what doesn’t.

And I know that 1) You don't need an expert and 2) Ads can help you grow, from day one. 

Now, it's your turn.

Stop working in circles and create that first ad that will TELL the world about your programs and products.

Is the Ads Playbook for me?
Are you a business owner? 

Looking for a simple and straightforward system to create ads on Facebook that guides your target audience to SALES without all of the stress? 

Trying to build your audience and create a community of buyers?

Then yep, this is for you!
How soon will I receive ACCESS?
Your purchase will be delivered digitally to the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 15 minutes of your purchase.

If you didn't get the email, reach out and we will get you in! hello@moolahmarketing.com
Is this really worth the cost? 
Abso-freakin-lutely! The Ads Made Easy Playbook will pay for itself from your first ad! PLUS you can use it to set up ads again and again, generating revenue for you for many years to come. 

Not to mention the time and money it saves you on ads manager fees and trying to figure it all out yourself. 

You will not find a better, more practical, and more comprehensive resource at a lower price.
How is this delivered? 
The Ads Made Easy Playbook is a system made up of a collection of resources. You’ll start off by taking a short quiz that will help determine your starting point with the "assignments" and tutorials.  

We also give you a guidebook and priceless strategies and tips for maximizing your pennies on every single ad.  
Do you have a return policy? 
Yes. We know that the system WORKS, and we stand behind our products. Your satisfaction with them is important to us, so if you don't get your first ad up and running within a month of your purchase, reach out to us and we will refund you fully.

Get The Ads Made Easy Playbook To Grow Your Audience And Sell Products And Programs With Facebook  Ads 

Regular Price $90

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re so certain this ad playbook works, we’re willing to stand behind it 100%. Your satisfaction is important to us, so if you don't get your first ad up and running within 30 days of purchase, reach out to us and we will refund you fully.

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