Add 100 Perfect People to Your Audience


Add 100 Perfect People To Your Audience
In Just 10 Days With ZERO Ad Spend

Because Organic Growth Doesn’t Have to Be Slow!

Give Me 10 Days and I'll show you 
How To Collect An Audience Of



Anyone who says ads are a must-have to grow an audience of perfect people for your business is just straight-up dealing you a load of malarky!

The truth is, your people are out there looking for exactly what your business offers. 
And you can find them in less time than you think. How much less time?
What if I said you can add 100 people to your audience in just 10 days by following simple, step-by-step actions that only take about 10 minutes a day?


No Problemo! I Show EXACTLY How It’s Done In 100 Perfect People!

Here’s How The System Works:

Step 1
✅ Watch the daily video lessons.  We keep them short!  Less than 10 min of work a day!!

Step 2
✅ Follow along in the step-by-step guidebook that outlines your tasks.  

Step 3
✅ Create and Collect Your Own Community of Perfect Buyers.

Over the course of just 10 Days, you’ll spend just 10 minutes a day completing tasks that will help you build an audience of 100 Perfect People.

Already have an audience? SHWEET! You can ADD another 100 people!!

Growing An Organic Audience!

You’ll Learn 3 Top Organic Growth Secrets On How To …

Secret #1: 

Find YOUR 100-Person Audience From SCRATCH (Zero Ad Spend Needed)

Do paid ads work? Yes … but is someone REALLY your fans if they don't even know who you are??

This system will help you grow with NO ADS, even if you are starting from scratch with NO LIST.

Secret #2:

Have Conversations That Convert Strangers Into Fans for Your Brand

Get ready for this gold nugget ... conversations become conversions! Peachy, right? We will show you how you can get people to talk to your brand so you can begin building genuine connection, trust and loyalty.

Secret #3:

Use Your New 100-Person Audience To Grow A Page, Group Or List

We’ll show you how to transfer your new besties to a list so you can follow up with and SELL to them!!

And don’t worry - it sounds techie, but it’s not. We’ll walk you through each step of the process.

The momentum you build in 100 Perfect People will
set your page on a path for long-term success!

“Sounds Great Rachel, But …”


✔️ People just don’t want to talk to me about my business. It’s like they see me coming and run and hide.

✔️ Expert so-and-so says in order to grow without having to spend hours a day on social media, you have to run ads.

✔️ Organic reach is dead. We’re in a pay-to-play world now.

✔️ I don’t know what to say to people - or even where to look. It seems like I attract only the tire-kickers.

Here's the thing, if they can... YOU CAN!

All You Need To Grow Your Audience Without Ads Is Inside


100 Perfect People is my all-in-one audience growth system that teaches you EXACTLY how to add 100 people to your online audience.

But not just ANY people. These people are folks you've sifted and PROVEN are great fits for your offers.  They are primed and ready to buy!

I use this same system to grow my own massive online communities, and the strategies inside work whether you sell courses, coaching, or e-commerce products.

And when you implement this system step-by-step over 10 days (in as little as 10 minutes a day), you’ll see results!

It’s freakin’ fantastic!

This system works EVEN IF you don’t have a huge list or social following or tons of spare time.

Here’s What’s Inside


Step-By-Step Video Trainings

Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to engage your audience and create more raving fans and customers so you can grow your audience by 100 (or more!) in just 10 days.

100 Perfect People Workbook

Follow along in the 100 Perfect People Workbook. Each activity is one step closer to adding to your audience AND your bottom line. Who doesn’t love that?!?

BONUS: How to Protect Your Profile & Hacker-Proof Your Page 

Your social media profile and pages are amazing tools for the growth of your business, ESPECIALLY when it comes to enabling you to reach out to and connect with people from all over the place. This bonus helps you make sure your accounts are secure.

BONUS: 100 Connection Questions For Your Perfect People 

We’re after real relationships with the people you serve. This guide provides you with 100 questions proven to create connection and grow trust between you and those perfect people who need what you’re selling.

9000+ People Have Taken The Challenge And GROWN Their Audience

The Key To Business Survival Today Is People

A business without buyers is a pretty dang sad business.

But when you know exactly what to do to find the people who need what you have to offer …

… then connect with them to create trust … 

… and have them follow you right into your audience …

Well that’s when the MOOLAH MAGIC happens! 

You see, people buy from PEOPLE - they don’t buy just because what you sell is so awesome (even though it is!!)

The reality is they can get stuff anywhere. 

What people REALLY want is the connection.

Think of it this way. Have you ever bought something just because a friend recommended it to you? I have!

And I bet you have too.

That the kind of connection 100 Perfect People Challenge will help you create as you build (or add to) your audience. 

Are you willing to put in the work, to build relationships, without spending money on ads?
Then hot-diggity-dog, let’s GO!
I’ve helped literally THOUSANDS of people grow their audiences.
There is nothing I love more than helping other people build their businesses by attracting, loving and serving their audiences.

Now, it’s YOUR TURN.
I am so looking forward to seeing your success too!

With The Ads 101 Video Guide, Get Ready 
To Happy Dance Your Heart Out As You

😃 Hit publish on your next ad feeling excited and eager (instead of stressed and overwhelmed) because you know it will mean SALES! Yee-haw!

😃 Stop worrying about wasting money on ads because you’ll KNOW you’ve got the right ones firing 

😃 Get back to engaging and connecting with your existing audience and all the new people who start pouring in

😃 Foolproof your ads and avoid the stress and frustration of having an ad rejected

😃 Watch your audience grow without feeling like you’re waving goodbye to all your cash

Could you get the same results WITHOUT 100 Perfect People? Maybe, but you’d probably have to …

✔️ Hire a social media or community manager. There’s a lot of good ones (and some not-so-good-ones) out there who can help you. Just get ready to part with thousands of your hard-earned bucks. Dang it!

✔️ Watch a bajillion hours of YouTube tutorials on organic growth from experts who all swear by different strategies. Say goodbye to having more time to spend serving your audience and creating products and programs that change their lives.

✔️ Spend hours trying to drum up engagement until you stumble on something that works. Might as well just flush all your free time down the drain, because that’s just crazy town!

OR Spend Just $27 On
100 Perfect People

And Get My Proven Organic Audience Growth System

☑️ Step-By-Step Video Trainings ($99 Value)

☑️ 100 Perfect People Workbook ($27 Value)

☑️ BONUS: 100 Connection Questions For Your Perfect People (priceless)

☑️ BONUS: How to Protect Your Profile & Hacker-Proof Your Page (your sanity!)

So … You Ready To Take Action?

Regular Price $47

You Pay Just $27

We’re so certain 100 Perfect People works, we’re willing to stand behind it 100%. Your satisfaction is important to us, so if you don't get results within 30 days of purchase, reach out to us and we will refund you fully.

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